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Made in the indestructible and timeless style that we built our reputation on, the 874 pants have become one of the most iconic pieces in our collection. From the workshop, to the catwalk and the skate park, these pants were designed to be worn by anyone, anywhere. Find out about their history and how you can make this style your own in this product guide. 

-Are Dickies® 874 work pants or skate pants?

-How do Dickies® 874 fit?

-What to wear with
Dickies® 874 pants

-How to style Dickies® 874


Are Dickies® 874 work pants or skate pants?

Designed to look smart and professional while being comfortable and holding up to any daily wear and tear, 874 pants were originally work pants. Although we’d been making hard-wearing durable pants for blue-collar workers and the US Army since the 1920s, it wasn’t until April 1967 that the original 874 Work Pants were released.

The next in line after the 872 and 873 styles, the original design was made with 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester and an X-it stain release finish, a ripstop super-tough material that we still use in our 874 pants today.

This everyday wearability is what led the 874 pants to be adopted by skateboarders in the 80s and 90s. As well as matching the baggy look skaters were looking for, 874s were easy to move in and could withstand the demands of skateboarding.

So, although this iconic design was originally designed to be worn at work, later generations made them a common sight on the skatepark and beyond.


How do Dickies® 874 fit?

Although our 874 pant is designed to be comfortable and practical, there are a few fit variations to suit different lifestyles and preferences. The original work pant sits within our men’s collection and has a relaxed, straight-leg fit. As well as being stain-release and wrinkle-resistant, 874 pants sit at the waist and have a belt band to ensure they always look smart and stay comfortable as you move. Plus, there are two sides and two rear pockets to keep your essentials close to hand whether you’re working, skating or exploring a new city.

In terms of sizing, the original work pant is available in leg lengths between 28 and 26 inches and waist sizes between 24 and 50 inches. The design also tends to run small, so it’s recommended that you buy a size up from your usual if you’re buying from our men’s collection.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, smart style that works great with boots or in warmer weather, then the cropped 874 work pant is a great option. Available in both the men’s and women’s collections, the cropped pant is almost identical to the original apart from the shortened leg, which sits at the ankles to keep you cool and looking great. Plus, the women’s design is available in sizes 24 to 34 and is cut to ensure your pants always look comfortable and smart.

To ensure the 874 pants always meet the demands of everyday wear while staying comfortable, we’ve also developed the 874 Work Pant FLEX, which gives you some extra stretch and movement at work


What to wear with
Dickies® 874 pants

Whether you’re heading into work or out on the skatepark, 874 pants are designed to be worn every day. The straight leg and relaxed design makes them a perfect staple for both smart and casual occasions and a great basic to dress either up or down. 

When it comes to choosing your top, 874 pants work with almost anything. Crop tops, t-shirts and jumpers finish a cool, casual look, while a buttoned-up shirt and jacket create a smarter style.

For your footwear, boots or trainers are both great options, even with the cropped 874 style. Tuck in your pants to your safety boots or combine the cropped design with hi-top trainers for everyday looks perfect for work or play. 


How to style Dickies® 874

With their comfortable, smart, straight-leg fit, 874 pants are the perfect staple on which to base your unique style. Whether you throw on your favourite jumper and jacket, or tuck in a t-shirt, add a matching belt and put on your best trainers, 874 pants are a basic that won’t be seen out of place anywhere.

Want something a little different to the original black?
You’re spoilt for choice, Available colours include:


Whitecap grey


Dark brown

Fired brick


Charcoal grey

Air force blue

Reflecting pond

Dark navy

Dark ivy

Olive green


From smart and subtle to standout and colourful, there’s an 874 pant shade to suit your style. Match your alternative colour pants with similar shades or create a contrast with different textures or patterns for a unique look.

Alternative designs like the cropped pant can also be styled for any season, occasion or style.

Combine with a cropped jumper and boots for an alternative autumn look, or add a t-shirt with standout detailing for a casual, comfortable style. 

In short, whatever 874 work pant design you choose, you can style them to match your everyday lifestyle, whether you’re putting in the hours at work or out on the skatepark.

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