The Dickies denim style guide

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The Dickies denim style guide

Denim has been a wardrobe classic for many years. With a wide range of denim items and their versatility, it can be hard to know how best to style them. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know to make sure your denim look is as stylish as possible.

01-What is denim?

02-The Dickies jeans fit guide

03-How to style denim

04-How to soften denim


What is denim?

Traditionally, denim is a very sturdy type of cotton distinguishable by its twilled woven coloured and white threads.

There are many variations on denim as it comes in different stretches, colours and styles. At Dickies, we always use durable, hard-wearing denim. This is often reinforced in heavily worn areas, such as knees, to ensure they last without compromising on style.

Not just jeans, denim items include jackets, shirts, dungarees, shorts and even hats, so styling them can be fun and add a new dimension to an outfit. Also, due to the ways denim is treated, coloured and designed, there are thousands of outfit options to consider.


The Dickies jeans fit guide

Jeans are likely the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about denim, and rightly so. They are often the hardest working pieces in our wardrobes. Just as easily dressed up with shirts as they are worn more relaxed with a T-shirt and trainers.

Looking for the perfect jeans? We have a wide range of colours and fits for both men and women.

Regular Fit

Relaxed Fit

Loose Fit

A classic fit good for everyday wear. Dickies regular fit jeans are form-fitting without being tight. This means they are a great choice for those looking for a pair of jeans that are comfortable yet still effortlessly stylish.

for men

Houston Denim

A relaxed, 5-pocket 90s cut with a timeless straight leg and regular waist. Available in Classic Blue, Vintage Aged Blue, Rinsed Blue, and Rinsed Black.

Garyville Denim

Straight with a high-waisted fit. Classic utility trousers with multiple pockets for carrying your gear. Comes in Classic Blue, Vintage Blue, and Rinsed Black.

for women

Mid-Rise Ellendale Denim

Straight, carpenter-inspired fit for everyday wear. Available in Classic Blue and Vintage Blue.

A great choice for those wanting a loser fit without their jeans being overly baggy. These styles are similar to the regular fit however give you extra room in the seat and the thigh.

for men

Thomasville Denim

Straight and relaxed on the leg, with a regular rise waist and a 5-pocket design for easy style and all-day comfort. Available in Classic Blue, Vintage Blue and Rinsed black.

for women

High Rise Thomasville Denim

Classic 5-pocket styling in a modern, roomy fit. Comes in Classic Blue and Vintage Aged Blue.

Madison Double-Knee Denim

Straight fit, workday-ready denim. Comes in Vintage Blue.

Designed for maximum comfort and freedom of movement this fit sits away from the body providing a baggier look. The key area that loose-fit jeans differ from relaxed and regular-fit jeans is the added room around the legs which means a comfortable and more breathable pair of jeans.

for men

Double Knee Denim

Get the robust detailing of traditional work pants in a cool and casual denim construction. Comes in Classic Blue and Light Wash.

Madison Double Knee Denim

Straight fit and workday ready. Available in Vintage Blue.

Madison Denim

Tough and durable jeans built for laid-back days. Offered in Vintage Blue and Ultra Light Wash.

for women

Mid-Rise Herndon Denim

Easy-wearing, loose-fitting jeans. Available in White.


How to style denim

One of the biggest benefits of denim is versatility. Suitable for everyone, denim is so widely worn because it’s considered a staple that can complement any outfit. You can also dress it up to be the main focus of a look, it is up to you.


How you style a denim jacket varies hugely on your taste. Some like theirs oversized which offers a great 80s style element. This leaves room for layering knitwear underneath, while not disrupting your silhouette. This works especially well when the weather isn’t quite playing ball.

If you are looking for a more feminine look you may prefer more of a cropped style which looks good with high-waisted trousers or shorts, but can also be paired with dresses or skirts in the summer.


A denim shirt offers a useful layering option that encapsulates ‘smart casual’ perfectly.

The tailoring of the shirt can be oversized or fitted, depending on your preferred taste. Denim shirts look particularly good with crisp white T-shirts but go well with pretty much anything, hence their appeal.


How you style double denim is crucial to making sure you pull it off. Playing around with different thicknesses, shades and shapes is key for this trend.

Wondering how to wear a denim jacket with jeans? Opt for a lighter denim shirt and heavier jeans creating a contrast that breaks up the silhouette. Or, feel free to opt for the same shade and introduce a contrasting oversized shirt underneath to break up the blue.


How to soften denim

While denim is rightly celebrated for its durability, this can create the problem of it being uncomfortably tough to wear at first. This is particularly true for raw darker, indigo shades. So, just as you may need to break in a pair of Dickies’ work pants, there are many ways to soften and stretch denim before wearing.

Physical activity such as skating, or doing lunges, through to simply wearing them. While others that involve less effort on your part, include running them through the tumble dryer, or soaking them in lukewarm water to soften the fabric.

Whatever your style, denim is and will likely always be a wardrobe essential that you can style and wear however you like to achieve a classic look.

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