How do Dickies pants fit?

PRODUCTS | 08.07.2020

Dickies have been the fashion choice of America’s blue-collar workforce since 1922, but in the last 30 years, our range has stepped out of its comfort zone to become a frontrunner in skate and streetwear style. This move into skateboard culture is largely down to the fit of Dickies pants and their unrivaled combination of comfort and durability. With distinguishing features found in each style across the collection, we delve into how a “typical” pair of Dickies pants fit.

How do Dickies pants fit?

Dickies pants were designed to be flexible and roomy. The 873 combines an average leg width with a low waist fit while the 874s are the baggiest pants in the range, for ultimate comfort. 872s are more sophisticated, comprising a smart silhouette with narrow leg, tapering towards the ankle. 

If there’s a single constant across our trousers, it’s the waist. Nobody wants their Dickies pants hanging off their hips, and we certainly don’t want to see that either! Our work pants are made to be worn as practical legwear, making them ideal for workshops, the skatepark and the city streets. The slightly higher waist found on Dickies trousers prioritises comfort and a secure fit, ensuring your pants of choice are appropriate for the formality that’s often expected in a practical but professional environment. 

As styles change, so do Dickies’ pants – and that’s why you can also find regular and slim fitting Dickies if you’re looking for hard-wearing pants that have one of those shapes. Our men’s jeans come in some skinny styles, for example. Our women’s pants follow the same rules – most are straight, like the Cargo Pants or the Elizaville Work Pants, but our Carpenter Pants have a tapered profile.


How do Dickies 803s fit?

803s are Dickies’ narrowest trousers, slim around the butt and thighs, tapering slightly to an almost skinny calf. They also hang quite low, just below the waist. It all makes for a modern silhouette, the classic Dickies fabric keeping shape and finish when they’re being worn.

The long leg of Dickies 803 makes them perfect for rolling up the hem, and that’s exactly how most guys wear them, rather than bunching up around the ankles. They work best with trainers, as most boots reaching the ankle or higher won’t fit inside the narrow leg, although with some clever rolling up, they’ll sit nicely on top of some shoes. Overall, the 803 is a smart, contemporary style, available in black or beige.


How do Dickies 872s fit?

The Dickies 872 pant has a slim, tapered leg that narrows at the ankle giving a modern update to a classic style. These trousers are often worn short (by length or rolled up), allowing them to hang straight, showing off the slick finish of their fabric blend and precision cutting.

The classic way to wear your 872 pants is with socks peeking out of the bottom and those crisp, sleek trainers on full display. If you’re not ready to commit to a shorter leg, that’s OK; a longer leg works just as well with the ankle kept wide enough to sit over the tongue of your trainers. Overall, the 872 look is smart, without overdoing it on the formal side of things – ideal for an active lifestyle.


How do Dickies 873s fit?

Sitting between the 872 and the 874 in leg width, Dickies 873 trousers are comfortable and flexible without being baggy. 873s are the lowest rising Dickies pants, fitting well over the hips but just under the waist to create smart casual legwear that’s ready for any occasion. 

This happy medium makes the 873 one of our most popular styles. Dickies 873 pants are tough enough to hold their form for years to come, while still showcasing the sharp but casual aesthetic that first catapulted them to the dizzy heights of skater and streetwear fashion.


How do Dickies 874s fit?

874 pants are the loosest Dickies, and come with the familiar styling, finish and uncompromised durability that Dickies’ customers have come to expect. Their straight-leg cut gets straight to the point, with a more baggy appearance and the signature style that many associate with Dickies trousers. 

Dickies 874 pants are ready for any urban outfit; whether you pair them with trainers for a skateboarding sesh or your trusty work boots for a day on site. Whatever you need from your legwear, you’ll find it in the 874.


Why are Dickies so baggy?

It’s a myth that all Dickies styles are baggy. The collection became a little roomier and when Dickies transitioned from solely providing industrial workwear to branching out into streetwear style in the 70s and 80s. At the time, loose-fitting was typical street style, and it just stuck.

As time moved on and styles changed, we enhanced our collection and Dickies trousers are now made in a variety of widths to suit everyone.  Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our range. We create pants that go from skinny to loose, with various styles that taper and sit slightly more relaxed on the waist, ensuring your Dickies fit in all the right places. If it’s still baggy you’re after, take your pick from our 874s and work pants. 

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