10 Fantastic Tool & Garage Storage Ideas

10 Fantastic Tool & Garage Storage Ideas

COMMUNITY| 07.05.2021

At Dickies Workwear, we’re always encouraging our fans to keep busy, whether they’re out on the job, out in the garage or garden doing some DIY, or just outdoors! But once you’ve finished for the day, we’re pretty sure the tools are looking less than organised. 

When that happens, it’s impossible to find your trusty cordless drill or spanner when you need it! To help you with your organisation, we’ve rounded up some of the handiest tool and garage storage solutions out there. 

1. Magnetic Tool Hanger

This top tool storage idea is a great way to store smaller, lightweight tools and equipment and efficiently use space – you can hang tools on the wall or underneath shelves or cabinets. With a bit of time and effort, it’s easy to make one yourself for your garage or workplace. All you need is a bar magnet, a thin sheet of steel, and some small wooden screws. Then to create your handy tool hanger, just follow these steps:


  • Cut a rectangle from your sheet of steel to use as the frame for your magnet, then mark the shape of the magnet on the centre of the rectangle. 
  • Place the magnet face down and trace an outline before extending the lines out to each edge of the sheet, creating a grid of nine rectangles. 
  • Cut away the rectangle in each corner of the grid, leaving you with an elongated cross shape with four flaps of metal.
  • Fold each of these flaps up the side of the magnet. The two end tabs should be taller than the magnet.
  • Fold the end tabs down 90° so they’re sticking out at either end, at the same height as the top of the magnet
  • Drill holes in these two tabs and secure them to your chosen surface with screws
  • Enjoy your new tool organizing system!

You can also purchase magnetic strips to attach to the wall for holding drill bits and similar power tool accessories and small items. If you get in the habit of immediately hanging up your tools after use, you’ll not only never misplace your screwdriver again, but you’ll also keep the house a tidier and safer place.


2. Labelled Containers

This organisational idea is essential for any professional or DIY hobbyist. Plastic containers of different sizes can be arranged on a shelf, rack or tool cabinet to hold those smaller materials that can so easily roll around and get lost, never to be seen again. 

It sounds obvious but you know that as soon as you start a DIY project, you’ll need whatever item has gone missing - it’s Murphy’s law! So make sure to pre-empt any disasters by setting up some labelled containers before you get started on any project. Make sure to label the containers clearly, for easy reference.  


3. Pallet Storage

Pallets are excellent for repurposing into tool storage and are ideal for storing larger garden equipment. Simply lift them onto their side and prop them up against a wall. It’s a super simple storage idea that will go a long way to helping with your garage organization.

The size of pallets makes them perfect for storage rakes, spades and brooms, or even for keeping your sports equipment neat and tidy all in one place. Just leave the pallets as they are or paint them to add a splash of colour to your space. You could even colour code them depending on what they contain - red for sporting gear, green for garden equipment and so on.


4. Hanging Garage Tools

Floor space is usually quite limited in a garage or workspace, while wall space is generally left under-utilised. Rectify this by adding hooks, handles or pegs to the wall which you can use to hang up some of your equipment. This storage method has the added benefit of helping you visualise what tools you need better - if they’re stored away in boxes or drawers, it’s easy to forget what you have, leading you to buy duplicates.

If there are kids around, ensure your tools are hanging out of reach of curious hands.


5. Ceiling Storage

Do you have items or sports gear that need to be packed away or that you only use once a year, like tents or skis? Consider making use of the ceiling as storage space by installing large plastic storage boxes overhead that are - crucially - clearly labelled with the contents. This guide from the Family Handyman offers simple step-by-step instructions for installing your new ceiling storage units. You’ll need:

  • Plastic storage boxes - as many as you like!
  • Wood screws
  • Pine stop strip
  • Plywood
  • Lag screws and washers

It shouldn’t take more than an afternoon to get this neat system up and running, and it offers a great alternative if you’re running out of space in your storage cabinets and shelving units.


6. Under-Shelf Jars

Another great way to store screws, nails and other small items is to keep them in plastic jars, which are then mounted underneath your shelves. A great way to repurpose all those containers you get through and brilliantly effective. It’s quick and easy to install, and even quicker to find what you’re looking for!

All you need to do is drill holes into the lids of each jar, decide where on your workbench you want each jar to be positioned, and then screw the lids in. Add your essentials to the jars, wind them into the lids and you’re good to go! You may even want to label what’s in each jar to make life even easier for yourself.


7. Foam Insulation for Pointy Bits

This is a handy way of storing screwdrivers, drill bits, Allen wrenches and other tools with pointed ends, ensuring that you stay safe in your workspace and don’t accidentally pick up a sharp tool from the wrong end.

Glue a 2-inch thick slab of foam insulation to plywood sized an inch wider than the foam (careful- the adhesive should be compatible with foam!). Press the foam into place and let it dry for a couple of hours. Once ready, use a drill to embed holes into the foam at a slight angle, after which you are ready to hang the contraption onto your garage wall and use the drill holes to store all those pesky little tool bits that you need to hand.


8. Clay Pots to Hold Gardening Tools

If you have any spare clay pots lying around the house or garden, you can fill them up with sand and prop your gardening tools into them. The sand is strong and thick enough to secure them where they stand, and, instead of lurking at the back of the shed, they remain easily accessible.   


9. Coat Hangers for the Garden Hose

Never get your garden hose in a tangle again. Simply erect a coat hanger on your garage door or wall and wrap the body of the hose around it so that it unfurls neatly and knot-free.


10. Build a Tool Cabinet From Pegboard 

Maximise your space by building a wall-mounted tool cabinet with a pegboard backing, giving you plenty of room to store your tools, hanging them in clear view so it’s easy to pick out the ones you need - and you never forget to put them away! 

The main things you’ll need to build this cabinet are two pegboards and a few planks of lumber or timber, as well as screws to hold it all in place. Then just follow these step-by-step instructions to carefully craft your cabinet.

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