Dickies' Guide To Nailing The 90's

Dickies' Guide To Nailing The 90's Trend

PRODUCTS | 29.07.2021

Dickies shot to global fame in the 90’s after being adopted by music and skating cultures. We are seeing a considerable resurgence in 90’s fashion at the moment, and who better than us to give you a guide to the 90’s trend?
This blog post will present the highs of the era and how to style them in 2021. There is also the opportunity to run through some of the humorous lows of the era.

During the 90’s, skate culture and style reigned supreme, with overalls, cargo pants, baggy fits, bucket hats and bum-bags seen everywhere. These fashion trends are now back with a bang.

90’s Culture

When we think of the 90’s, we can’t help remembering nostalgic cultural references; memories of tamagotchis, walkmans, VCRs, pagers, grunge fashion, hip-hop music, girl power (aka Spice Girls), Seinfeld, Windows 98 and early Macs. It was certainly a simpler time, and we are excited for the return of 90’s-inspired looks. 

But 90’s culture is more than just Furbees and Friends - its impact runs much deeper than that, giving birth to hip-hop and skate subcultures who adopted 90’s fashion trends to form part of their identity, using clothing and style to mark the tribe they rolled with. Let’s delve further into 90’s fashion trends and skate culture below. 


90’s Fashion Trends

The 90’s is remembered nostalgically for a lot of things, most prominently the varying and outlandish fashion trends. Some of the iconic fashion pieces from this era were dungarees, loose-fitting denim, combat trousers, plaid shirts, logo tees, bucket hats and bum-bags. These trends were adopted by skateboarding culture, as the baggy fits accommodated the movement required for skating and complemented the laid back lifestyle of skaters.

Saxman T-shirt from our 90s Nostalgia Collection


90’s Skate Culture

During the 90’s, cultural lines were defined by the clothes you wore, a visual representation and unspoken language of the tribe you were part of. Pro skaters like Tony Hawk, emerging as the sport’s biggest stars in the 90’s, paved the way for skate culture to take shape and gain traction amongst the youth. 

Along with those experimenting in the hip-hop and punk rock scenes of the mid 90’s, skating became a way for teenagers to continue to reinvent who they were. 90’s skate style was a uniform that pledged allegiance to a secret society. Between the late 80’s and early 90’s, skate culture moved from empty pools and homes straight to the streets and skateparks, providing a place for outcasts of society to feel like they belonged. 

As long as you wanted to skate and had a board, you were a skater. From the formation of mid-90s skate culture came a sport that everyone wanted to master. With a skateboard costing as little as $20, it was an easy and accessible sport for people to join and experiment with.

Sparkman Crop Hoodie from our 90s Nostalgia Collection


90’s Skate Edits

When we remember the 90’s, we automatically think back to early 90’s skate VX edits, such as Jeremy Wray front three-sixtying the Santa Monica triple set. Skateboarding’s most famous camera was the Sony VX-1000, the first consumer-level camcorder of its kind to offer the three-CCD colour technology feature, released by Sony in 1995.  

Consumer video technology has innovated considerably since Sony introduced the VX-1000 in 1995, and yet among skateboarders, the VX continues to be heralded as not merely a useable camcorder, but the preferred one. Why is this? This fisheye lens works perfectly for skating, capturing the action from all angles, and the top-mounted handle and weight make the camcorder easy to hold and stabilize when on the move. The VX is also durable enough to withstand being dropped or hit by skateboard wheels.

After the launch of the VX, skateboarding brands were suddenly equipped to make beautiful, timeless videos and amateur skateboarders could also film and edit videos just like the pros. The VX-1000 was a big step towards solidifying filmed skating as the ultimate goal and product of skateboarding in general, with the aim of preserving skate culture for generations to come.

Modern Inspiration

If you weren’t born in the 90’s and are looking for some modern day inspiration, you should immediately watch Jonah Hill’s directorial debut film Mid-90’s (if you haven’t already!). This iconic coming-of-age film is littered with 90’s fashion references, paying close attention to the looks and brands that shaped that era’s skate culture. 

The Mid-90’s skate style references and fashion brands include Menace, Droors Clothing, Vans Half Cabs with white laces (the skate shoes that defined that era!, Shorty’s, white tees and denim outfits and Blind skateboards. The result is a pure and authentic snapshot of 90’s skate and youth culture, flooded with nostalgia and dripping with scenes of rebellious debauchery on hot summer nights. 

Watching this film alone should inspire you to start dressing like a 90’s kid, whether you were born in that era or not!

Saxman Shirt from our 90s Nostalgia Collection

Dickies 90’s Trend Products

So how can you nail the 90’s trends using Dickies products? Well first on your list should be a pair of dungarees, the Bib Overall

The essential 90’s style accessories are of course bucket hats and bum-bags - try the Saxman Cap and Chickaloon Bag out for those hot summer days and festival outfits. 

And what could be more 90’s than all denim everything? Embrace those double denim looks (see iconic Britney and Justin DD outfits for reference), featuring baggy fits and faded washes. For women the Ellendale Denim Pant and the Garyville Denim Pant  for men are your key denim pieces for nailing those 90’s mom jean/dad jean silhouettes. 

On the subject of baggy fits, cargo trousers are another 90’s fashion essential. Think loose-fitting combat trousers featuring lots of pockets and velcro fastenings - snap up the Eagle Bend Cargo Pant for men and Hooper Bay Cargo Pant for women to hit this trend.  

And what about 90’s style layers? Plaid shirts can be worn over tees, vests, denim shorts, denim jeans or cargo trousers - the ultimate versatile 90’s piece. The unisex New Sacramento Shirt comes in an array of colours to complement any outfit.  

Saxman Cap from our 90s Nostalgia Collection

Styling Tips

Here are some tips for styling our Dickies products with a 90’s twist, striking the perfect balance between high comfort and effortless cool:

Day Time - Pair your overalls with a simple logo tee, unhooking one of the buckle loops for nailing that laid back look.

Beach Days - Bucket hats should be your go-to accessory for those summer beach days, or even just sunbathing in the park.

Evening Look - Dress up your cargo trousers with casual layers, wearing an unbuttoned plaid shirt on top and vest top underneath.

Party Outfit - Bum bags are a party essential, so make them the focal point of your outfit. Be brave and opt for a bright yellow bum bag, for that pop of colour! You could even match the colour of your bag with your socks, if you’re feeling extra brave.

No matter how you style your Dickies products, make sure it’s authentic to you as you embrace your nostalgia for the 90’s whilst kicking it back on those warm summer nights.


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