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The Eisenhower jacket, also known as the 'Ike' jacket, is a waist-length jacket with a relaxed, universal fit. It is usually made of cotton/polyester blend and has a sturdy front zipper, slash front welt pockets, and interior compartments. The Eisenhower jacket history dates back to the 1940s. This jacket was developed by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was looking for a more functional and smart attire for WWII soldiers. Soon after its creation, the Eisenhower became standard for US troops. Today, the Ike is considered to be a classic jacket and is worn in either work settings or casually.

01-Where Can I Wear My Dickies®
Lined Eisenhower Jacket?

02-Recommended Sizing for The Dickies® Eisenhower Jacket

03-Material Information

04-Dickies® Manufacturing Process

05-A Jacket Made to Last


Where Can I Wear My Dickies®
Lined Eisenhower Jacket?

This jacket started as work attire and is still used for that purpose successfully. On the one hand, its lightweight warmth makes it perfect for outdoor workers, such as delivery people or taxi drivers. On the other hand, the classic outline looks great in the office or the boardroom.

It will fit nicely with most mandated uniforms and can also jazz them up. Outside work, these Dickies® jackets can be worn in the skate park and a fancy restaurant. They are the true definition of versatile.


Recommended Sizing for The Dickies® Eisenhower Jacket

The classic Dickies® Eisenhower jacket has a relaxed silhouette, meant to be comfortable and fit most body types. The shoulders and the stomach area have room to allow for mobility, while the length hits just at the waist.
The size of the jacket is pretty straightforward. So if you're a size M in shirts, the same will be the case with this jacket while allowing for layers underneath, as well as on top.

He sleeves are long enough, so tall people shouldn't feel the need to size up. And shorter people benefit from seeming taller with this jacket, thanks to its flattering length.
While the length of the Ike jacket is a regular fit for men, Dickies® offers a cropped version for women. The women's cropped jacket maintains the classic relaxed fit but adds a touch of modern fashion into the mix and helps to create a more flattering silhouette.


Material Information

All the Eisenhower jackets from Dickies® are made of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton. The material is both durable and water-repellent. Washing the jackets in a washing machine is also safe, making them even more functional. Finally, the heavy-duty brass zipper on the front is made to last for years to come.


Dickies® Manufacturing Process

As a company, Dickies® goes above and beyond to provide our clients with ethical products that are produced in methods that prioritise the environment, from design to manufacturing. We aim to continue to develop and create more sustainable and ethical products as methods advance and change. You can read more about VF's sustainability efforts on this page.


A Jacket Made to Last

The Eisenhower jacket from Dickies® is an iconic item for a good reason. It has a classic look that can go from day to night and from work to play.

It is functional with zipper pockets while providing a clean, sleek look. It's an investment that will last you through the years and trends that come and go.

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