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How to wear the Dickies 874 Original Work Pant

The 874 Original Work Pant has been a firm favourite among factory workers, musicians, skaters and fashion influencers alike for over 60 years. Endlessly wearable, durable and versatile, Dickies’ signature pants continue to be a bestseller around the world. Read on to discover why the pants feel so relevant for now and how to style your 874s.

The appeal of the 874 Original Work Pant

Over the years, the Dickies 874 has been a staple of both the music and skating worlds. Julien Stranger and his fellow teammates on AntiHero and the Zero and Toy Machine Teams all sported them in the parks.

On stage, Tupac, Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill donned the pants in the ‘90s, along with pop icons Gwen Stefani and Madonna in the early Noughties. Today, contemporary tastemakers, including Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith and Brooklyn Beckham have all worn them. So, what is it about the 874 that has earned it such a cult status?

The fit of the Dickies 874 Pants

A street-cool take on a classic chino, the 874 has an original high-waist fit, semi-permanent seam and straight-leg cut. But the beauty of these pants is that you can choose the fit you want – just make sure you know your measurements, weight and inseam length – and how you want them to look. Worn a couple of sizes up and sat lower on the hips, for instance, you can create a slouchy silhouette.

Cut from a durable twill-blend fabric, they’re also easy to care for and are wrinkle and stain-resistant so they’ll keep you looking fresh all day long. Endlessly wearable and effortless to style, the 874 comes in men’s and women’s iterations that can be dialled up or down depending on the occasion.

How to cuff Dickies 874

Create a 1-inch cuff by folding the trousers inside out, then roll them up using the seam as a guide. Once you’re happy, iron them inside and out to set the cuff and lock it in place.

How can women style the 874 Pant?

// Downtime dressing //

With late ‘90s/early Noughties fashion continuing to provide endless sources of inspiration on and off the catwalks, the Dickies 874 feels more relevant than ever. Not only does it fit the era’s baggier aesthetic, but it also provides the perfect base to style a Y2K look.

So, let’s start with the pants. Opt for a relaxed fit – we recommend sizing up by at least one size as they run small – to get the desired loose silhouette. You can also flip the waistband over to reveal the Dickies 874-printed tape (we recommend going four sizes up for this) as a nod to the era’s logo love.

Keep it slim on top with a Nineties favourite t-shirt or top. Channel grunge-chic with a logo style or knitted vest. Then, add low-top Vans or platform sandals, tinted oval sunglasses, and a devil-may-care attitude. Not forgetting a hoodie or sweatshirt when the temperature starts to drop.

In the summer months, white trousers are always a cool and chic option. Level up the White 874 Pants with a white t-shirt, a bucket hat or cap and some comfy trainers.

// Work it //

Dressing for work is a breeze with the 874s. Choose from black or navy for a dressier look that you can smarten up with a shirt from the Dickies collection. With multiple colourways to pick from, you can switch them up throughout the week. To elevate the look further, go for a slim fit (choose your normal size) and cuff the bottom to reveal the ankle and add a pair of your comfiest shoes.

The new Women's 874 Work Pant

A new version of the iconic work pant with a tailored fit for women, the women’s 874 work pant is available in white, khaki and black. Made from a partially recycled, wrinkle- and stain-resistant fabric. The fabric is a tight and compact twill blend that is both durable and comfortable, perfect for everyday wear.

How men can style the 874?

// Keep it casual //

Given the versatility of the men’s Dickies 874 and the multiple colourways on offer, it makes styling them a no-brainer. The only deciding factor will be the occasion.

When it comes to weekend dressing, it couldn’t be simpler. Throw on t-shirt and trainers, and you’ll be out of the door quicker than you can say ‘874’.

Layer over a jacket, puffer, vest jacket or an oversized sweater when the temperature starts to drop. The pants work with just any cover-up so you can keep wearing them all year round. Add a beanie or baseball cap to top off the casual look.

For a bold fit, the Purple Rose, White and Dark Ivy styles are a fun choice for the summer months. Make them pop with a crisp-white T-shirt and box-fresh trainers.

// Smarten things up //

The black, teal and navy versions give you the best day-to-evening and workwear options, as you can simply swap out your downtime T-shirt and trainers for a smart shirt and your favourite smart shoes.

When you need something a bit dressier, simply iron the front centre crease on the inside with spray starch for a crisp look that wouldn’t look out of place at a boardroom meeting or wedding.

874s perfect for skating

If you’re heading for a skate session, be sure to wear your 874 Flex Trousers. Perfect for skating, made with Dickies FLEX technology, these let you move freely as you skate. Designed for active lifestyles, these straight leg trousers reinvent our classic chino.

Finally, what shoes to wear
with Dickies 874?

Go casual with some low-top sneakers or white leather trainers – the hem of the trousers should sit comfortably on top. If you prefer hi-tops, like a classic Vans, cuff the trousers (see above for tips) so they sit just below the ankle.

​​And there you have it: the complete 874 Original Work Pant looks for men and women. Given the 874’s versatility and ease, it’s little wonder they’re beloved globally. How will you style yours?

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