What material are Dickies® pants made of?

What material are Dickies® pants made of?

PRODUCTS| 24.02.2022

Loved for their durability, comfort and fit, Dickies® pants are an icon that has been worn and enjoyed by hard workers for decades. Synonymous with durability, softness and classic style, many people wonder what fabric gives Dickies® their long-lasting appeal. 

Dickies® pants are made from a variety of different fabrics, though many are made with a combination of cotton and polyester in different twill blends. Twill blends allow for both softness and breathability thanks to the cotton and durability due to the polyester content. It's a great hard-wearing fabric choice for work pants and other workwear, and it can also be used in casualwear and everyday clothing.

Other Dickies® pants are 100% cotton, such as our classic Garyville denim pant. So if you’re interested to know what material your Dickies® pants are made of, read on.

Dickies® Original 874 Work Pants

The Original Dickies® Work Pants have made their mark on the job for over 60 years. The pants are constructed from an ultra-durable twill blend that wears in comfortably without wearing out. Our original 874 Work pants are made from a twill blend that’s 65% polyester and 35% cotton. 

Dickies® Cargo Pants

Like our Original 874 pants, Dickies® cargo pants are also constructed from 65% polyester/35% cotton twill. However, the kind of twill fabric used here is known as mechanical stretch, meaning that Dickies® cargo pants allow optimal ease of movement, as flex fabric stretches and moves with you to keep you comfortable.

Dickies® Duck Carpenter Pants

Our Duck Carpenter Pants are made from flexible duck fabric, composed of 68% cotton, 30% polyester and 2% elastane (Lycra®). Flex fabrics are a must for allowing a broad range of movement. At the same time, the duck fabric is two times stronger and longer lasting than all-cotton fabric for excellent abrasion resistance and enhanced durability.   

Dickies® Lead In Flex Trousers

Made from Dickies® Flex technology, our Lead In Flex trousers let you move and work freely. These trousers, crafted from super-soft 98% cotton and 2% elastane, are a great choice to wear for everyday comfort. 

Dickies® Utility Painter’s Pants

Designed for long-lasting use and comfort, Dickies® utility painter’s pants are made from 100% cotton painter's drill fabric.

Dickies® Jogger Pants

Inspired by The Original 874 Pants, Dickies® jogger work pants offer a modern iteration on a classic workwear essential. They are constructed from 98% cotton and 2% spandex for durability, breathability and flex.

Dickies® Skateboarding Pants

Dickies® Skateboarding Slim Straight Pant are made with Dickies® FLEX fabrication to allow for maximum mobility when you ride. The fabric itself is brushed twill, made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, for durability and comfort.

So, whether it’s a durable polycotton twill blend or all-cotton pair you’re looking for, Dickies® has a vast range of pants and other clothing for everyday, work, and everything in between.

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