How Our Workwear Is Made For Womens

How Our Workwear Is Made For Women

PRODUCTS| 07.10.2021

Dickies is the leading global brand of innovative and trusted workwear. We have a proud heritage of providing tough, quality apparel to workers for 99 years. Dickies Workwear is defined by the people who wear our products, which includes women as well as men.
With more and more women choosing to work in skilled trades, we know that female workers need garments made specifically for them, so have paid close attention to the cuts, fits and fabrics used in all of their workwear for women. How is Dickies workwear made for women? From fit to material, style to colour, it’s a match made in heaven.

Women in the Trade Industry

For female workers in the manual labour industry - carpentry, landscaping, artisans of various mediums and so much more - workwear serves as a daily uniform for function, style and, most importantly, protection. 

As a field that's predominantly male - in 2015, women working in construction made up 1.3 percent of the entire U.S. workforce - the offerings available for female-focused workwear remain extremely slim. Meanwhile, labor force participation among women has steadily increased and is expected to remain high, with a projection of more than 5 million female employees in the U.S. between 2010 and 2020. 

Over the past decade, the response and need for women's workwear has slowly built an emerging market. Nowadays, there is a clear trend in the industry where more and more women are choosing to work in skilled trades. The business area has long been dominated by men, but there is no doubt that women, despite their minority, are entitled to the same opportunities when it comes to work clothing. 

When developing workwear garments for women, Dickies listens to the needs of women in skilled trades to go further in terms of quality, function and fit, constantly developing and broadening the range for women in the industry. 

Fit for Women

It doesn’t take a genius to know that men and women have different body shapes, but there is of course variations of body types among women themselves, which is another challenge as our ambition is to produce high quality workwear garments that fit everyone, regardless of their shape or size. For example, our Perfect Fit Trousers feature an elasticated flex stomach panel and mid-rise waist, allowing for easy movement and adaptability to different body shapes. 

Apart from fit, we do not make any distinction between men and women when it comes to work clothes. Using real-life feedback from women in the sector, we have produced garments that provide the same comfort and functionality that the guys already have - because who wants to spend all day in clothing that doesn’t feel comfortable? To make workwear fit for women, we have found creative solutions that meet end-user needs and expectations.

Styled for Women

Aside from our specifically tailored cuts for women’s bodies, our workwear features patterns and designs meaning you can be stylish everyday on the job. Who said workwear has to be plain or boring? Whether accessorising with a cosy beanie for those cold winter months working outdoors or making a statement with a figure-hugging khaki coverall, Dickies workwear offers women a variety of choices to not sacrifice your personal style whilst achieving your desired fit.

Made for Performance

Our products are not only the perfect fit and style for women, but they are performance workwear built for purpose. Our workwear is engineered with FLEX fabric technology for enhanced mobility and all-day comfort to enable a superior fit and a greater range of movement when working - read more about it in our previous blog post about FLEX here

Our FLEX work trousers for women, for example our Universal Flex Trouser, are comfortable and slim-fitting with a regular leg length, whilst letting you move freely. These trousers also have knee patches for extra durability on this high-wear area, reinforced with super-strong CORDURA® fabric for added durability and protection, ensuring they last as long as you need them to get the job done.

In addition to our FLEX technology, our Advanced Weatherproof Technology (AWT) features moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics that stand up to whatever the weather throws at you. Designed to resist abrasion and repel rain, wind and dirt all whilst keeping you comfortable all day long thanks to the blended fabrics, AWT does the hard work of protecting you against the elements so you can focus on getting on with the job. 

AWT technology keeps our Dickies workwear waterproof, windproof and breathable - perfect for working in all weathers. The wicking fabrics and a water-repellent membrane allow water vapour to escape when you start to work up a sweat and the fabric to dry quickly, keeping you comfortable all day long. Clever, eh?

Key Products

So which Dickies women’s workwear products should be an essential part of your wardrobe? Featuring work trousers built with FLEX technology for tradewear, waterproof trousers for agriculture and gardening work and coveralls for all-over protection during DIY work - here are some of the key pieces for each sector of the industry:


Short Sleeve Performance T-Shirt - Made for outdoor working and summer days on site, our Short Sleeve Performance t-shirt will keep you cool in all weather. Plus, it features a handy front pocket for carrying small items.

Everyday Flex Trousers - Made with Dickies Flex technology, you can move, stretch and bend freely in our Women's Everyday Flex Trouser. Suitable for smarter days and with plenty of pockets, these trousers are the perfect addition to your workwear wardrobe.

Performance Hoodie - Designed for comfort and performance, our women's Performance Hoodie features a drawcord hood and water-repellent finish. This zippered hoodie is perfect for outdoor working, with two side pockets for stashing your essentials.



Everyday Coverall - Designed with a team of women from our Dickies community, our Women's Everyday Coverall has a perfect and comfortable fit. With an elasticated waist, stud adjustable cuffs and back pleats, you'll feel free to move so you can get on with the job in hand.

Tech Utility Legging - Our women's Tech Utility Legging is a fitted trouser designed for easy movement. Made with our Dickies Flex technology, these casual and comfy leggings feature multiple pockets for carrying the workday essentials.

Performance Waterproof Jacket - Take cover from all weather with our Women's Performance Waterproof Jacket. Crafted from a waterproof and breathable fabric, this hooded jacket makes the perfect layer for rainy days. Plus, it features reflective details for extra visibility.



Fitted Polo Shirt - Our women's Fitted Polo Shirt is an authentic Dickies workwear essential. Made from a cool and casual polycotton blend, this timeless style is perfect for any trade.

Universal Flex Trouser - Made with Dickies Flex technology, our Women's Universal Flex Trouser lets you move and work freely. Complete with multiple pockets and attachment points for your tools, these durable trousers are built to last.

Softshell Jacket - Take cover from all weather with our women's Softshell Jacket, complete with a hood. Crafted from a waterproof fabric with a cosy fleece lining for extra warmth, this zippered jacket features pockets for keeping your essentials dry.


Overall, Dickies women’s workwear collection is built for purpose whilst never compromising on style, fit and comfort - with women’s bodies and needs always at the forefront of mind when developing our products. Whether you work in construction work, agriculture or any other trade industries, Dickies has a product fit you - light work, eh?

Check out the whole Dickies workwear for women collection here.

  1. Flex Universal Trousers
    Flex Universal Trousers
    €69.30 €99.00


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