To Our Friends, Co-Workers and Our Community of Independent Makers

We go to work. It’s what we do.

Some work for the joy and satisfaction inherent in making remarkable things and some work to pay for their child’s books or braces – and a lot of us work for both. Regardless of our ‘Why’, we are united in our routine. As the world is seeing unprecedented change, we are having to alter our daily routines to protect ourselves and each other. Today, the best way our community can help each other is to help slow the spread of COVID-19 by lessening our social exposure. 


Our online store will continue to be open as long as we can ensure the safety of our co-workers and suppliers.


We have taken additional precautions and will continue to monitor the situation and evolve our response in real-time. There will likely be small delays for some shipments & for the processing of any return you may wish to make.

We'll ensure our website is updated as frequently as required and contains the most up to date information.

COVID-19 UPDATE | 30.03.2020

Contactless Delivery

Our carriers are implementing new delivery policies so to guarantee the social distancing to protect everybody's safety.

Your driver will make sure not to get any closer than 2 meters from you and it will no longer be requested to sign on the Carrier's device.

You will receive more information and assistance by your driver at the moment of the delivery.


Returns period extended to 60 days

The last thing we want is customers visiting crowded Post Offices to send off returns, so now you’ve got much more time to choose quieter periods. This period is extended from the normal 30 days, subject to the clothing not being damaged or worn (except when you try it on).
See our
Return Policy Page


Possible delays in customer care

We always try to answer customers’ queries and deal with complaints as quickly as possible, but it’s possible that staff shortages could affect response time. If you’re calling about a late delivery, please wait – as we mentioned above, this might happen for several reasons. 

You can usually track your order to find out where it is. If you’re calling about anything else, we will answer your call, but we might take longer than usual to respond. To save you time, we recommend sending a message to us instead, as we can deal with these much more quickly. Hopefully, this will be a temporary disruption. See our Contact Us Page.

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