Why skaters love Dickies

COMMUNITY | 06.05.2020

In the 90’s Dickies were made popular by Julien Stranger and the Anti-Hero team and SF Based skaters,
as well as the Zero Team/ Toy Machine Team (1996) Donny Barley, Jamie Thomas, and Adrian Lopez. 
They made it cool, and by skating in it, the influence started...

They're tough

When you’re designing clothes for the folks who work in factories, forests, mines and workshops, you quickly work out that durability is important. That was Dickies’ starting point, and it put toughness in the DNA of all our clothing. Time passed, and this tough tailoring influenced our service industry clothing and eventually our streetwear. When skaters picked up on this in the 80s and 90s, they knew they’d have a pair of skateboarding pants that would survive many a scrape along concrete, steel, timber and asphalt, and a beautiful partnership was born.

Here’s Dickies’ “Another Day, Another Bodega” video. Not much talk, just watch what skateboarders put their clothes through every time they push off:


They’re comfortable

Another thing that comes from designing workwear is that clothing has to be flexible and roomy. Whether you’re changing an engine or felling a tree, you’re getting in all sorts of unnatural positions – and that can chafe in ordinary pants. You know who else gets in all sorts of weird, unnatural positions? Skaters. This level of comfort no doubt influenced early adopters and made them standard issue. Think of our iconic 874s – there’s plenty of room to move, whether you’re kickflipping, grinding, or sliding down a quarterpipe on your ass.

Not many spills on show here (we edited them all out, of course)  … but check out Dickies’ trip to Palm Springs and just marvel at the talent on show.


They look great

You think no one’s watching you as you roll around the skate park or city streets? Think again. You’ll be drawing attention, however, accomplished you are on the board. Hell, you might just take pride in your appearance. Whatever the reason, if you want to look great – to look like a skater – you need the proper gear. We’ve just described why Dickies are perfect for skating, so put two and two together and roll up in Dickies. You’ve just bought yourself some kudos. Now show ’em what you’ve got.

Dale Decker likes Dickies – and tells us why he thinks most skateboarders choose them too. Turns out he’s got a buddy who’s unconvinced. He’ll learn.


It’s self-propelling

The final reason skaters love Dickies is because we’re so tied up with skate culture. We never forced ourselves on skaters (like that would’ve worked) – skaters chose us. Now we’re just part of the uniform. We take advice from skaters on designing even better clothing for their art, and work closely with them on technical and style decisions. And now we sponsor skate teams and events all over the world, we’ve become something of a family. And families look out for each other.

Here’s Chad Causo showing that it’s all about personal choice. He loves some Dickies pants but rejects others, and that’s exactly why we’ve built such a range. There’s a pair for you – just try some on.


Watch Dickies pass the wear test

We catch up with some of our Italian flow team riders doing what they really know best: skateboarding. It’s all for a quick wear test to demonstrate the quality and functionality of Dickies’ most iconic products. The location selected was Pinbowl Indoor skatepark at Milan (Italy), the perfect scenario to test our main skate icons: 874 original, Double Knee, Slim Straight, Industrial pants, Horseshoe tee besides other key styles.

Comfort, style and durability are the main reasons why our riders choose Dickies. They simply want something durable that allows them to land their tricks and move freely without sacrificing style, be it on street, tranny or any other terrain conditions. If you want to see our best Italian riders putting our products to test and sharing their thoughts about it check out the video below. Skateboarders approved!

Tough, flexible, pretty and drenched in skateboard culture – we’re sure there are other reasons skaters choose Dickies, but how many do you need? As long as you fit in your pair, you’ll fit in wherever you skate.

Need any more reasons?

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