Recap of the International skateboard mayhem at DC`s ZIP6020 Open Skateboard Contest powered by Dickies

Posted on December 19th, 2017
Dec 2017

With nearly 40 unsponsored riders in three age groups, a women`s category and 60 riders in the main event, Innsbruck`s skateboard association ZIP6020 has organized Austria`s biggest skateboard event for the sixth year in a row at “Skatehalle Innsbruck”.

As every year the first day of the event, Friday December 8th 2017, was dedicated to all unsponsored riders. They could win a huge amount of skate stuff and could also earn wildcards for the main event on Saturday. All the riders showed great skateboarding in their respective age categories. So the prizes ZIP6020 had in store for each and every rider were all well deserved. But two skaters absolutely stood out and consequently received wildcards from the judges: The winner in the “youth” category, Italy`s Giuseppe Cola, and Innsbruck based Lithuanian expat Paul Asaciovas, the winner of the “men”. In addition to the non-cash prizes all unsponsored riders could also earn some money in the “Kape Skateboards Cash For Tricks Session”.

Due to the high number of sponsored riders that had signed up for Saturday, the women`s category was also held on Friday. With experienced X-Games and Worldcup riders Julia Brückler and Candy Jacobs competing, the level of skateboarding was incredibly high in the jam that was composed of sponsored and unsponsored riders alike. One could state that it was a face-off between last year`s winner Brückler from Austria and the Dutchwoman Jacobs – but actually the two good friends just had fun on the course. Together with the other girls they represented female Skateboarding to the fullest. In the end Julia Brückler, suffering an injury towards the end of the jam, came in second and Candy Jacobs took the first place. The unsponsored Slowakian rider and Innsbruck resident Dominika Kralikova came in third.

Saturday, December 9th 2017, was a logistically demanding task for the organizers and a hard job for the judges as 60 sponsored and professional riders from ten countries were competing for 15 places in the finals. Even in the qualifications practically every competitor showed some very impressing tricks but the finalists just tore the roof off. Amazing runs combined with some single tricks that had never been done at Innsbruck`s indoor park left spectators and other riders in awe. Third place went to local Tyrolean young gun Santino Exenberger, Swiss skateboarding clockwork Simon Stricker came in second and Kostya Kabanov from Russia took the first place. But the judges needed some time to make the hard decisions. So while waiting for the prize giving there was the traditional cash for tricks session at the stairset for all the riders to earn some money for the after party.

Many incredible tricks went down but almost more impressive to behold was the motivation and pure love for riding a “useless wooden toy” that two of the most seasoned riders in the event showed during the session. When the money was long gone and every other skater had already called it quits, Swiss legend Sven Kilchenmann and the just as legendary Andi Welther from Germany still threw themselves down the set of stairs just for the fun of it. Thanks to the sponsors, all the riders involved and especially to a handful of motivated volunteers the “ZIP6020 Open Skateboard Contest 2017” was – again – Austria`s biggest Skateboard event of the year! (And the afterparty at “Dachsbau” was epic, too)

Take a seat and enjoy the recap of the contest : 

Pictures : Fabio Cracolici & Florian Trattner