Extreme Bike Battle

Posted on March 2nd, 2018
Mar 2018

The 31st March will mark the beginning of the Extreme Bike Battle! If you are there for the first round at Westpoint Exeter you'll have a chance to watch some of the very best Riders in the UK battle to become the coveted 'King of Extreme Bike Battle!'

You'll witness some of the UK’s best trick riders, across five disciplines, Flatland, BMX, Mountain bike, FMX and Motorbike Trials, all battling against each other and fighting for the crowds reaction!

Obviously our rider Lee Musselwhite will be there to compete and conquer for first Place !

It's now a big show (about 2 hours long) with a lot of insane tricks. The riders will go against each other on all disciplines, with all six riders aiming to perform their best tricks in each round.

A winner will be decided on each slot, but the overall winner will be decided at the end of the last show.

All infos and locations below :

Here's a little of what you can expect at each show with the Extreme Bike Battle!