Dickies X Scene - Jacket

Posted on October 31st, 2017
Oct 2017

Dickies X Scene

The skateboardering love affair with Scene preston seems to stretch back to the 1990's, possibly earlier. The rugged workwear aesthetic filtered into street fashion and has never really left, if anything it became definitive of that skateboarder style. 

Skateboarders have always had an affinity for workwear mainly because of its simplicity, lack of heavy branding, robust build and its ties with the proletariat. So with that in mind, we wanted to keep our input understated and let the garment do the talking. Like with all branding, placement is key- So we thought long and hard over where we wanted to add our stamp. With such a classic jacket we decided to keep it subtle. A declaration of our beginnings back in 97, with a combination of our two logos on the front.

The 20 Years Torrance jackets ideal for the chilly days ahead. Nice and warm but not restrictive, the versatile piece is perfect to add a layer throughout the winter months – then stuff it in your bag when the session gets going and button back up for the ride home.

Two colourways will be released in-store and online on Saturday 28th October at 10am, with a Scene tote bag thrown in with any anniversary purchases too! 

www.scenepreston.com / @scenepreston