DMR DirtWars Round 3 P.O.R.C

Posted on August 26th, 2016
Aug 2016

The Dmr Dirt Wars rounds have been a bit messed up this year due to having to cancel the original round 3 (NASS) due to stupidly high winds.
Due to this we had to change round 4 to round 3 and round 4 will now be held at Holdshott on the 4th of September.
Round 3 kicked off on the 21st of August at P.O.R.C (Penshurst Off Road Club) set in the beautiful Kent countryside, The trails are all set out in a quarry on the huge bike park which also has DH Tracks, a 4x track and loads of fast flowing off road trails for the family.
With low numbers of riders at this round due to Crankworx, Birthdays, broken bikes and injury we decided to run the quallies as a seeding round for the final so that all the riders would have a chance to throw down their best tricks in the final.
The open riders were up first for their seeding and a few surprises were chucked in to the mix for the judges. The last time we saw young Zac Rainbow compete he wasn’t to confident and his trick bag was quite small, a few months down the line and Zac was hitting us up with tuck flips and then a boosted frontflip on the last.  Newcomers Nial Greenstreet and James firrell were chucking 3’s all over the place whilst the normal podium faces in open were throwing out all their big bangers.
Once put into seeding order for the finals it was over to the Pro riders where there was also a surprise. Due to the fact that the open comp was held on the smaller jumps Kerry Pert decided this wasn’t for him and wanted to go big so he upped himself from Open Class To Pro Class and threw it down with the big boys.
Ray Samson was back on his bike after a few months and a wedding off and it was like he had never been off his bike as all his tricks were still as smooth as ever.
With all the riders put in to seeding order it was time to get the Open Class off with their final and see who would take the 1st spot.
Ben Nolan was on form for the final with super clean 360 x-ups and Tucks as was Darren Estalls. Harry Campbell never fails to impress with his amplitude and huge frontflips (which hes now added a tuck to). 
Again Zac Rainbows Backflipo tucks and frontys were off the hook for such a young rider and Jack Cardys 360’s and Suicides were to perfection.
After all riders had had their 3 runs with best run counting  the top 3 went as follows.
1st Harry Campbell  Backflip X-up one footer, Back flip Can, Frontflip Tuck no hander
2nd Ben Nolan Tuck to X-up, 360 X-up, oppo 360
3rd  Jack Cardy  360 Table, Suicide No Hander, Double Truck Driver

With the Open Class out the way it was time to see what the big boys had to offer in the Pro Class and there was a Dirt wars first waiting in the bag…
Freddy Pullman came out swinging with faultless double tailwhips whilst Matt Scott could not get any more stretched with his Supermans over the last. 
Kerry Pert seemed to be holding his own with amplitude that would make Buzz Lightyear jealous and perfect flips and 3’s but really couldn’t contend with Ray Samsons  Flip Tucks and Flipwhips.
Ryan Nangle as always threw his 720’s to perfection but Tom Isted threw out a Dirt Wars UK first with a huge Double Backflip over the last.
With all the riders having there runs the top 3 were as follows.
1st Tom Isted Tuck No Hander, Super Flip, Double Backflip
2nd Tom Reynolds Frontflip, Superwhip, Backflip Tuck No Hander
3rd Ray Samson Flip X-up One Foot, Backflip Tuck No Hander, Flipwhip

Well done to all the riders as you all rode really well.
Big thanks to the P.O.R.C Crew, Our Sponsors, Riders, Spectators and the Dirt Wars Crew.
The next round is on the 4th of September at Holdshott trails in Hook Hampshire.
See You There.