Asier graffiti artist interview

Posted on April 27th, 2017
Apr 2017

Asier is a Donostia born, urban artist raised in the streets of Madrid.

Probably one of the most reputed and well known graffiti artists in Spain, his work denounces violence of gender, injustice and war but also talks about love.
This street artist embraces the leitmotif of the current cultural scene, rebellion and class struggle.

Like any good soldier, he needs his tools and Dickies has always been an important ally in performing his job.


Asier, tell us, what have you done to get this far?

I am just a guy who one day decided to be happy doing what I like the most. That is my reason to do what I do and paint what I paint and it reflects on my work.


What motivated you to approach Dickies?

In El Bierzo, the northwestern side of the country where I used to live, the winter is quite tough and working on the street is not easy. I needed to be protected from the cold to continue working.


What makes Dickies different from other brands?

Dickies produce very comfortable workwear without compromising the design and the street style.

The materials used do not break easily and that is essential for my work.


Tell us about one time where you were happy to wear a Dickies garment...

One winter night, it was snowing, we were painting by highway M-30 in Madrid, we were caught by the Police, they were chasing us so I had to hide in a hole for 4 hours.

It was a good time to wear my Dickies parka, wasn´t it?

How can people follow you and know more about your work?

By checking out my website and social media:


Wall at school :