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Countries Company description Registered Address Registration number / VAT number
Belgium VF BELGIUM BVBA C. Van Kerckhovenstraat 110-Fountain Business Park 2880 Belgium BE 0666523226
Google Tag Manager Required www.google.com Tag management
Adobe Typekit Required www.adobe.com Font management
Monetate Functional www.monetate.com Optimization and Testing
Google Analytics Functional www.google.com Web analytics
Omniture (Adobe Analytics) Functional www.adobe.com Web analytics
Pingdom Functional www.pingdom.com Web analytics
Soasta (mPulse) Functional www.soasta.com Web analytics
Hotjar Functional www.hotjar.com Web analytics
Adbrain Functional www.adbrain.com Web analytics
Fitanalytics Functional www.fitanalytics.com Web analytics
Powerreviews Functional www.powerreviews.com Reviews management
Doubleclick Advertising www.google.com Web advertising
Google Adwords Advertising www.google.com Web advertising
Facebook Connect Advertising www.facebook.com Web advertising
Beeswax Advertising www.beeswax.com Web advertising
Criteo Advertising www.criteo.com Web advertising
Bing Ads Advertising www.microsoft.com Web advertising
AppNexus Advertising www.appnexus.com Web advertising
Turn Inc. Advertising www.turn.com Web advertising
LiveRamp Advertising www.liveramp.com Web advertising
PulsePoint Advertising www.pulsepoint.com Web advertising
DoubleClick Floodlight Advertising www.google.com Web advertising
PubMatic Advertising www.pubmatic.com Web advertising
Adobe Audience Manager Advertising www.adobe.com Web advertising
MediaMath Advertising www.mediamath.com Web advertising
Acxiom Advertising www.acxiom.com Web advertising
TradeDesk Advertising www.thetradedesk.com Web advertising
Delta Projects Advertising www.deltaprojects.com Web advertising
Unruly Media Advertising www.unruly.co Web advertising
PowerLinks Advertising www.powerlinks.com Web advertising
Nexage Advertising www.nexage.com Web advertising
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