A Brand-New Fit: Engineered For Women

PRODUCTS| 22.04.2020

Dickies’ universal appeal has seen it adopted and adapted by absolutely everyone. From skaters to musicians, artists, fashion icons and beyond; all interpreting our workwear inspired clothing in their own unique and effortless way. While each outcome may differ, one thing is for sure: Dickies serves as a robust, sturdy canvas for creative self-expression and getting the job done!

Over the years some wearers have sought savvy ways to customise their favourite pair of Dickies and make them their own, especially the women among us. With this in mind, it seems only right that we’d channel our efforts to create a dedicated women’s workwear collection, and tailor it to meet their needs and desires.

We’re thrilled to introduce Engineered For Women; the perfect accompaniment to the classic workwear style pieces Dickies is known and loved for.

What exactly does the collection debut have in store? We sat down with Camille Thin our Head of Product who leads a female-strong design team, to find out:


Hi Camille! Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I have been working at Dickies for a year now, leading the product department in Europe.

I’ve always worked in streetwear and action sports. Starting my career at DC shoes, I moved to Switzerland 9 years ago to join the Vans product team. After leading the lifestyle footwear business for 5 years, I then took over the whole women’s and kids apparel and footwear collections. I’m now super excited to be part of the Dickies family. Always loved workwear and the brand is so iconic. Super confident it’s the perfect look for modern women who don’t want to compromise style and comfort.


Can you explain a few of the new styles and fits from the Engineered For Women collection?

The relaxed boyfriend fit is an enduring trend and something that will never go away: that sort of cool, effortless style. However, we don’t only have relaxed styles in our wardrobe, we all have different requirements and the new collection is designed to accommodate that. Dickies is all about creating your own look and interpreting it to suit your mood and style. This season we introduce more rounded, dropped shoulder sweatshirts and tees which are super flattering, like with the Mount Sherman Sweatshirt. We’ve also introduced fresh new season colours, as seen in the classic San Antonio hoodie. We’ve included a cropped tee: a must-have piece for warm, summer months. We’ve ramped up our trouser selection, implementing more colours and fits such as the high-waisted Elizaville work pant, a rework of our original and iconic 874 work pant.


You mentioned the overall look has not changed too much from the original collection we all know and love. Can you share more detail on how this is so?

As a brand with its roots in workwear, fits should be comfortable, easy and relaxed. Engineered For Women presents a collection that is not only true to our workwear heritage but also very relevant in women’s fashion at the moment. Fabrics are soft and comfortable and flow - the aim was to avoid going too girly but bring comfort and a hint of a feminine look. The clothes you choose to wear should empower you, and through subtle tweaks to key design elements, we’ve created a collection that can be adapted to suit your personal style.


What are the highlights of the collection?

Ellenwood is a cropped pocket tee, a perfect pairing with Park City an original carpenter pant in the same fabric and details as the men’s but updated with a high waist. The Elizaville too is based on the original Dickies workwear pant but with a mid-waist for a simple, smart aesthetic.

Everyone needs a cool and casual Hawaiian shirt in their wardrobe! The Talmo is cropped and available in 2 bold colour options for long summer days. Finally, the Toccoa, a women’s chore coat, makes for an effortless finishing touch.


Any plans for the future of this range?

Absolutely. We’re super excited to continue to develop trend relevant fits for women and keep our focus on the Dickies core range to improve the fit of sweats and tees too. We’ve also planned to build on the iconic Dickies work pant and bring new fits for women. Alongside this, we want to expand to new product categories, for example, skirts, dresses and shorts.

Shop the full Engineered For Women range and show us how you interpret the collection your way via #EngineeredForWomen for a chance to be featured on the @dickies_europe Instagram account.

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