Catching up with Dickies' skater Jamie Foy

STORIES | 16.09.2020

Jamie Foy has undoubtedly pushed the boundaries of skateboarding. He's conquered countless perilous handrails and spots with a pioneering style and deep bag of tricks. The Florida native went from being a relatively unknown amateur skateboarder to being crowned Thrasher Magazine's 2017 'Skater of the Year' seemingly overnight. That's not to say that this accolade was undeserved; on the contrary, it's testament to Jamie's talent and proactivity. Over the years he's put out numerous game-changing video parts while remaining one of the most friendly and down to earth guys to grace a skateboard. We caught up with Jamie to chat about his early skateboarding life, turning points in his career, memorable skateboard tricks, motivations, hobbies and more.

When did you start skating and why?

Well, that's a long story, I started when I was one because I watched my neighbors do it all the time and I thought it looked fun, so I grabbed my oldest sister's board, got on one knee and joined the session.


Who were your early skate influences?

Pretty much all the local kids that were older and better than me. I watched videos growing up, but I didn't see those people in person, so it never stuck out to me as much as watching the good local kids.

Jamie Foy back smith wearing Dickies Double Knee Work Pants 


You seemingly blew up overnight, what has been the most significant turning point in your skate career thus far? And how did it change your life?

Ye it all happened pretty fast, but I'd say the main turning point for me was getting on Deathwish Skateboards because they're a great company and backed me 100%. I feel like that belief from a company that I grew up watching made me want to just do the best I could do for them and myself. That mainly opened the flood gates. I'm proud to be a part of such an awesome company!


You're known for going big: landing difficult tricks on massive rails. Which trick are you most hyped on landing?

The trick I'm most hyped on landing was probably when I front crooked El Toro just because it was a trick that I've thought about for years but never thought I was actually going to try it. It was one of the scariest moments of my life, but then when I landed it, it easily became one of the biggest relief moments in my life as well.


Up to now, your parts have been street heavy. However, there's footage floating about of you ripping a pool. Should we expect more transition footage in the future?

I don't know if I can say expect more transition footage mainly because I'm never really out looking to skate and get footage in pools, but if I do happen to go to a good one, I'm down to film something in it. I definitely love throwing surprises at the viewers.


What keeps you motivated to keep pushing yourself and the boundaries of skateboarding?

I'd say it's mainly just to strive to do better and to one-up myself. Skating is kind of an addiction in that way. You are always fixating on a trick or a spot, and you can't really sleep until you get it, but once you do, you just find the next trick or spot to fill that void. If you're passionate about anything, you understand.


Skateboarding has taken you around the globe, what’s your favorite European city to skate? And what’s your favorite European spot?

 I'd say my favorite European city to skate in would have to be Barcelona. Just based on the mellowness and the public transportation. It's very easy to get around on the train, and there's unlimited spots. Anytime you find yourself in Barcelona it's going to be a blast! It's hard to choose a favorite spot because you don't always want to skate the same spot every day, but that's the beauty of Barcelona, they've got it all!

Jamie Foy


Have you got any interests outside of skating?

 Outside of skating, I love to go fishing. I mainly like it because it's the complete opposite of skating in the sense of being at a lake or ocean and straight up relaxing. It's not even about catching fish all the time sometimes it's like meditation.


How is it skating for Dickies?

It's amazing skating for Dickies. The team is a blast to go on trips with and they make some of the most durable pants in the game, so I'm glad that I can be sponsored by something I actually support.


What's next for you? 

Going with the flow! Right now is a pretty crazy time so I've just been skating and hanging out, but hopefully, it all blows over soon, and I can get back to traveling and having fun with my friends!


If you want to hear more from Jamie, check out his Behind The Board interview below.

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