Italian Riviera Tour, supported by Dickies

SKATE | 23.10.2020

Our Italian flow riders were planning a skate trip for a long time this last year, but due to covid-19 lockdown restrictions, the plan just never happened for obvious reasons… However, in September the situation seemed to improve a bit and we found the opportunity to reunite part of the team to hit the road around the North-West coast of Italy. Sergio “ Giorse” ReinhardtIndro MartinenghiAndrea CalgaroRiccardo ManganelliSamuel MusicTommy Cova and Daniele Martelli shredded up some of the most visually powerful spots of the northern Italian coast on a three-day skate trip at the end of this weird summer. Continue reading and check out the full video recap following them on this epic adventure across the “Italian Riviera” through the lens of André Lucat and Silvio Otonello.

1st stop, Tower Genova

The crew left Milan on an early sunny Friday morning, heading up straight to Genova, capital city of Liguria. First stop was Tower Genova Hotel, a modern-designed luxury building nearby the airport with a double banked set of stairs at the entrance (never skated before). There were hotel security guards everywhere, surveillance cameras on each corner and police cars passing by all day long…but the spot was too attractive for the guys, so they decided to call the hotel’s manager director and ask for permission to skate and film the spot. Surprisingly, he gave them green light. Two intense hours session where the crew literally killed it. Especially  Tommy (Cova) who cracked his board, broke his glasses and collected some heavy slams on a real battle. But the feeling of landing the trick was definitely worth it for him.

The crew figuring out how to attack the spot

Sweat, blood and smiles after landing the trick.


2nd stop, China banks and wooden waves

After that, the guys moved straight down to the Artists Arena in Genova Pegli where they got some bluntslides on a very popular chinabank nearby the sidewalk. 

Indro with a nose blunt slide over the bank.

Giorse, alley-oop ollie inside the wooden wave.


Not far from there at Genova Voltri, two suggestive wooden transitions in a neighborhood playground without any run up for speed, made things apparently difficult to skate... But, no big deal for  Sergio “Giorse”, who managed to FS alley-oop it in the sunset light. Afternoon was over, the crew deserved some beers. 


3rd stop, the Wild Bowl

On Saturday morning the team woke up at their headquarter: the Wild Bowl, a backyard DIY located in the heart of a regional nature reserve 18 kilometers away from the Ligurian Sea. This unique bowl was built up from ruins of an old composting tank in accordance with local history and landscape. Serious transitions with a little flat bottom and a heavy hip.... not skateable for everyone but that’s why the crew loved it! First thing in the morning was to have coffee all together, warm up a bit and get ready for a bowlriding session.

Warming up around the bowl.

Manganelli, eggplant.


From the forests of the Ligurian hinterland came the cellulose necessary for the manufacturing of Celluloid: a true revolution in the field of photography that made the development of Italian cinema possible. The place is completely pristine, surrounded by deciduous forests, crossed by streams of pure crystal water. Here the crew played guitars, shot jars, chilled on the riverside, lit a bonfire and rode the bowl for hours.

Andrea with a long bs smith over the loveseat.

Indro cracking the pool coping with a fs blunt.

Manga and Martinelli, jar shooting.

The team chillin’ at the river.


4th stop, Savonna’s streets

In the afternoon, the team wanted to check out the streets of Savona’s historic centre, where Giorse spotted a new brick bank with a light pole stuck in the middle of the module. Well-known for his all-terrain skills and his ability to skate the sketchiest spots, he was able to avoid the pole easily and land a bomb tail drop in a few attempts.

Sergio Reinhardt, tail bomb drop


Sunset arrived, darkness was coming up, but Indro wanted to rockslide over a jersey close to a building site not far from the port. The run was uphill, and everything around the spot was pure rough concrete. Camera flashes ready, led lights on. Indro landed it in just a couple of tries.

Indro, rockslide transfer over the jersey.


The end of the journey

Completely wasted after three days of non-stop shredding, it was time for a well deserved body rest, swimming across the crystal waters of the Ligurian sea. A perfect closure to this trip where the crew realised how meaningful it is to share those moments with your friends and never forget the true essence of skateboarding: fun, self-expression and freedom. That’s it. The world is outside waiting for you so pick up your board, call your homies and go out to skate. But first check out the video and get some inspiration from these Italian rippers:



Words: Giovanni Matteo Emiliani

Riders: Sergio “ Giorse” ReinhardtIndro MartinenghiAndrea CalgaroRiccardo ManganelliSamuel MusicTommy Cova and Daniele Martelli

Filmer: Silvio Ottonello

Photographer: Andre Lucat 

Music: “Fire, then nothing”   - Da Sein

“Make you cry”  - Conditional

Acceler8”  - Deaf Election



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