Meet Jeanne Duval and her skateboard

 Recognizing the art of work, Dickies wanted to give an insight into the individuals who’s spirit of creativity takes the common idea of work and the job and explore the passion and drive behind it.

After receiving her first skateboard at the age of 12, Jeanne Duval was sceptical about the sport…

Since then, the 22-year-old from Nantes has become passionate about street skate and culture, with street features being her favourite playground. 

Once a friend of Jeanne’s invited her to his garden to skate with him, she was hooked.

Like most people, in the beginning, she was just skating for fun - she then later realised that she had never been as passionate about anything else before. She was so addicted by a simple object, something so simple as skateboarding.

Concerned about her style of skating, Jeanne is always looking for the perfect execution. She makes a point to ensure all of her tricks are smooth, almost graceful, like a dancer.

Although the skating environment may be currently dominated by men, there is room for everyone, and people like Jeanne are paving the way for women in the sport.


Each person is different, but they are all linked by the same fervour: skateboarding.


"I think we're all looking for that feeling of freedom, well-being and inner calm. I managed to find all that when I skate. My skating is nothing but an expression of myself at this moment."- J.D


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