Made in Dickies

Built tough, cooked fresh

Made in Dickies

to a place where fresh ingredients meet raw passion.

Baka d'Busk

In a city renowned for its trailblazing food scene, there's a unique restaurant in Copenhagen that's powered by creativity and passion.
Run by a collective of chefs, artists and makers,
Baka d'Busk is all about good food and hard work.
Dickies recently ventured over to sample their plant-based delights and see how these guys put our hard-wearing styles to the test.


the source

With deep-rooted connections to suppliers, the Baka d'Busk menu is packed with top-notch locally sourced produce.

The crew collaborates with urban farms to source their ingredients. And our durable apparel ensures they shift effortlessly between outdoor tasks and kitchen duties in style.

the food

The menu it's all about seasonality.

Serving up plant-based dishes, the kitchen crew showcase the creative flair.
I think we really found a niche, having the guts to put vegetables as the main element on a plate
- Akiva Tscherniaco-owner of Baka d'Busk.