How workwear coats became fashionable

It’s surprising how many fashion items, especially jackets, started out as workwear. They’ve been picked up by youth cultures and made their own, perhaps with their original functions in mind, but mainly because they just look great. Given enough time, those same items can go mainstream, and sometimes even become quite formal.

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Dickies’ guide to overalls

Overalls are the ultimate workwear-to-fashion crossover. Count their close cousins boilersuits, dungarees and jumpsuits and you’ve got a whole family of wearable staples that can trace their lineage directly back to some real tough workplaces. Fashion overalls are more refined than their professional equivalents, and worn properly, they’re great for casual wear, maybe even getting a little active.

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How do Dickies pants fit?

Dickies have been the fashion choice of America’s blue-collar workforce since 1922, but in the last 30 years, our range has stepped out of its comfort zone to become a frontrunner in skate and streetwear style. This move into skateboard culture is largely down to the fit of Dickies pants and their unrivaled combination of comfort and durability. With distinguishing features found in each style across the collection, we delve into how a “typical” pair of Dickies pants fit.

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MEET THE MAKERS 24.06.2020
The makers of our Meet The Makers series

Our latest featured Independent Maker film follows the two creatives who made the series happen; London-based fashion photographer James A. Grant and videographer James Cox. We caught up with them to find out more about the making of the series and a few of the adventures they got up to.

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How to soften, stretch and break in a pair of Dickies work pants

Dickies pants are made to last. That means tough, durable fabrics and blends that will outlast pretty much everything else in your wardrobe. A side effect of this toughness is that they can sometimes be a little stiff straight from the store. While that’s fine for some, others like to soften, stretch and break them in before hitting the streets. Here’s how you can dial down the stiffness and give your new Dickies more of a worn feel.

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The history of the “Horseshoe” “Ox Collar” logo

Ever wondered where our logo came from? Read this to discover how the "Ox Collar" became a cultural symbol, worn by celebrities, skaters & fashion icons.

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Why skaters love Dickies

In the 90’s Dickies were made popular by Julien Stranger and the Anti-Hero team and SF Based skaters, as well as the Zero Team/ Toy Machine Team (1996) Donny Barley, Jamie Thomas, and Adrian Lopez. They made it cool, and by skating in it, the influence started...

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INTERVIEWS 28.04.2020
Catching up with Dickies skater Tom Knox

Within the world of skateboarding Tom Knox needs no introduction. At the age of 29 he’s achieved most of skateboarding’s highest regarded milestones: several celebrated video parts, pro boards on Isle Skateboards, a pro shoe on New Balance and recently featured on the cover of Thrasher Magazine, a publication known within the scene as the skate bible.

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INTERVIEWS 22.04.2020
A Brand-New Fit: Engineered For Women

Over the years some wearers have sought savvy ways to customise their favourite pair of Dickies and make them their own, especially the women among us. With this in mind, it seems only right that we’d channel our efforts to create a dedicated women’s workwear collection, and tailor it to meet their needs and desires.

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INTERVIEWS 20.04.2020
Catching up with Dickies skater Allysha Le

In a male-dominated sport, Allysha is a shining light of inspiration for female skateboarders everywhere. We caught up with Allysha to chat about her introduction to skateboarding, skate career and to get advice on how to get into skating.

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MEET THE MAKERS 13.12.2019
Meet Jeanne Duval and her skateboard

"I think we're all looking for that feeling of freedom, well-being and inner calm. I managed to find all that when I skate. My skating is nothing but an expression of myself at this moment."- J.D

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Dickies x Titus

We partnered with Titus skateshop and traveled to the south of France with their team rider Ben Botta to bring the DIY culture to his hometown at the Côte d'Azur, by building some concrete modules to let the people and kids in that area have a better place to skate. Check the full documentary and pics to see the final result.

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MEET THE MAKERS 01.11.2019
Meet Felix Prangenberg

Felix lives and breathes BMX, in this video he explains how he looks at the world from a very different lens, where he is always on the look-out for the next ridable feature.

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Hammers & wheels 18.10.2019
Dickies x Junkyard

Dickies and Junkyard joined forces to showcase our support to skateboarding and D.I.Y culture. Presenting our first edition of “HAMMERS & WHEELS” in Stockholm, Sweden. With 150 skaters participating in a skate competition and a total turnout of 250, the event was a resounding success.

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MEET THE MAKERS 01.09.2019
Meet Reino, Maker of the Great Frog

Check out the video featuring Reino Lehtonen-Riley, The Great Frog’s creative director as Dickies follows a day in his working life.

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Skate 29.08.2018
Vans Rumble In The Park 2018 - Powered By Dickies

The 14th Vans "Rumble in the Park"  skate contest took place during June 2018 in Austria.

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Brand 22.08.2018
Dickies Denim Collection

Denim has been at the core of the Dickies brand since it was established in 1922.

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Brand 16.08.2018
Dickies Museum Copenhagen - Le Fix Gallery

On Friday 17th August 2018 we are launching the first ever Dickies museum in collaboration with Le Fix gallery!

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