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  1. Bettles AOP Long Sleeve Shirt -50% Bettles AOP Long Sleeve Shirt
    Men | Casualwear
    Bettles AOP Long Sleeve Shirt
    £35.00 £70.00
    Colour: black
    1 Colors
When we were designing clothes for the folks who work in factories, forests, mines and workshops, we quickly worked out that durability is important. That was Dickies’ starting point, and it put toughness in the DNA of all our clothing. Time passed, and this tough tailoring influenced our service industry clothing and eventually our men's and women's streetwear. We have some decent options for you, whether it's a new tee or fresh hoodie, all crafted with the highest quality and care, durable and aesthetic. And don't forget our famous work pants: tough, stylish and drenched in skating subculture.
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