Tartan Reworked

  1. Hornbeck Check 5 Panel
    Hornbeck Check 5 Panel
  2. New Iberia Shirt
    New Iberia Shirt
  3. New Iberia
    New Iberia
  4. New Iberia Jacket
    New Iberia Jacket
  5. New Iberia Pant
    New Iberia Pant
  6. New Iberia Dress
    New Iberia Dress
  7. New Iberia Shirt
    New Iberia Shirt


Tartan Reworked: How to nail the latest trend

Is tartan in fashion in 2020? Yes! The rebellious trend has returned with a new look and we are celebrating with a new collection. Add an edge to any outfit with this striking pattern reimagined for a new decade. 

What does a tartan mean? Originally made in woven cloth, this iconic style boasts a criss-cross design that is packed with history. Born in the Highlands, classic Scottish clan tartans had their own distinctive colours and patterns years ago. 

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