Driving his dreams outdoors

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Driving his dreams outdoors

Sam Gosling hits the road to fuel your spirit of exploration

Where can your passion for making things take you? We teamed up with independent maker, upcycler and skateboarder Sam Gosling to get a feel for where his projects are driving him this season.

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Sam knows a thing or two about passion projects. Making a living with DIY renovations, from furniture to skateparks, he’s spent years on a journey to recycle, repurpose and make his mark.

As a sustainability advocate, Sam is always on the lookout for new material, crafting unique creations from discarded scraps, fixing and repurposing to create whatever he needs.

His eye for spotting handy material primed for reuse means he’s built up a pretty substantial hoard of busted old cars.

I’ve been restoring my MK1 VW Caddy for the past few years. I guess I just have a passion for bringing things back”

The Mitsubishi started as a passion project and a bit of a mad idea. The interior can be in and out in about 30 minutes. It’s literally like a worktop, a little kitchen and a bed.”

“There's always something to discover, and the only way you can do that is by getting out there.”

Decked out with all the comforts he needs to hit the road, Sam is on a mission to get out there and explore what nature has to offer.

Learning new ways to reprocess discarded materials and give pre-loved items a new lease of life is all part of his mission to explore and experience the outdoors afresh.

It gives you that option of going further and getting out there and staying out there. Wherever you go there’s something to learn, there’s something new to see.”

And where will he be heading off to this year once his van is up and revving?

He's not set on one place, but whatever he's up to he'll be exploring, making and learning something new along the way.

"You don’t need an end goal, you just need to get out there." The perfect reminder that it's not really about the destination—it's the journey that counts.

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