Catching up with Dickies’ skater Vincent Alvarez

Catching up with Dickies’ skater Vincent Alvarez

STORIES | 05.07.2022

Vincent Alvarez skates hard and fast, destroying anything that dares to stand in his way, transition or street. It’s all OK for Vincent. His video parts feature un-skated spots that he’s fixed or built himself, a true worker. 

Despite his undeniable talent and love from the skate world, Vincent remains an extraordinarily relaxed and charismatic character.  

We love him! We’re incredibly excited to be releasing his very own signature collection soon. Watch this space!

We took the time to do a long-awaited catch-up with the man himself. Read on to find out more. 

Hi Vincent, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us. Let's kick things off at the start, when did you start skating and why?

Hello. I started skating when I was about 9 years old which was around 1997 give or take a year. One of the main things that drew me to skateboarding was the limitless possibilities of progression and style. All my friends had their own bag of tricks and style and I didn’t see that in any other sport or activity during that time. To me that was something I had never seen before and I immediately became attracted to. Once I got the hang of being able to ride I never wanted to stop.

How did you get the nickname King of LA?

Back in 2007 DC shoes held a contest over the course of a month and they named it King of LA. It took place at several different schoolyards around the Los Angeles area. I don’t really like contests but the main thing that drew my attention to this specific contest was that you didn’t need a sponsor, and it wasn’t a single run format. Therefore there was less pressure to make tricks and the opportunity was given to try different tricks that you don’t typically see in contests. Being able to take public transportation to the events was definitely a plus. I took advantage of all of those aspects and had fun and made some tricks. After all the scores from the events were totaled up I ended up winning. I wouldn’t say its my nickname but I guess it’s a “title” that some people remember me as.

Congratulations on your Dickies’ Pro collection! What does it mean for you to be on the team and have your own collection?

Considering that I have worn Dickies before there was a skateboarding program makes it seem surreal. Also, to still be a part of it since the beginning is so humbling and a true testament to myself on where hard work and dedication can lead you. When I first got on Dickies I had no intentions of ever getting my own collection. All I wanted to do was skate. Growing up I was told that if you stay focused and surround yourself with the right people all the right things will fall into place. That’s what being a part of Dickies means to me. 

What’s your favourite piece in the collection?

I really like the olive denim jean. I’ve always worn those colored pants growing up skating and to be able to have some with my name on them is unbelievable. They fit so well and just feel good right when I put them on. I really like the graphic tee as well because it was inspired by a mural in the neighborhood I grew up in. I looked at that mural every day wondering what I would be when I grew up. The mural is still there to this day and to think that I am still skateboarding and able to support myself and my family from it as well is really unexplainable. 

You’ve been on the Dickies skate team for 10 years, you must’ve seen it all over that time. What have been the stand out moments?

There are too many to even think of from all of these years. One time we stopped on the side of the highway to use the number 1 in the middle of the night and I stepped right on top of an anthill. I didn’t notice until we started driving and all of sudden I literally felt ants in my pants. They were everywhere! I immediately ran out of the van into the middle of the highway and took off all of my clothes except for my underwear. I felt so bad for the rest of the team in the van. Another one that just came to mind right now was when we were in Boston judging a Zumiez contest and all of a sudden the announcer tells everyone that it was my birthday and the whole building started singing happy birthday to me. Definitely the most people I’ve ever had sing happy birthday to me. I was really embarrassed yet so thankful. Now there’s a bunch coming to my mind. Yeah, there’s so many.

You’re renowned for skating unknown spots that haven't blown up yet, how do you find them?

I always try and avoid traffic on the freeway, so taking the scenic route is something I’m always considering. While taking that route I’ll come across spots that the average person won’t see because they’re so used to following google maps and getting on the freeway. I don’t mind taking my time driving to a spot and when I do…I find the most out of the blue things. I also really enjoy skating stuff that isn’t what you see every day. That is one of the main reasons why I started skateboarding, and if I was inspired by that maybe I can do the same to other skaters. I also take a picture of anything I see and check the location of the photo and return to it whenever I have time. 

What gets you pumped to skate at the moment?

Currently, I’ve been really pumped about fixing up and building spots. There’s nothing like that first ride after the spot is all built and ready to skate. It’s such a satisfying feeling that gets me inspired to try new things. I also really get pumped about skating new spots where no one is filming with their phones and just enjoying the session for what it is without any documentation. Whenever the cameras come out right away before getting warmed it’s definitely a downer, and when they’re not out while warming up it really takes me back to one of the reasons why I started to fall in love with skateboarding. The pure act of having fun with your friends. 

Do you have any hobbies outside of skating?

I have two dogs so taking them out is always a great way to stay inspired and be happy. I think skating pretty much is almost my whole life because even when I’m not skating I’ll drive everywhere just to look for spots or even just see if it’s skatable. I really have been enjoying building things lately. I also really enjoy playing bass guitar and jamming out with my friends whenever we have time to do so. Camping and barbecuing are definitely something that I really enjoy putting time into. 

What’s next for you?

We’re currently in the middle of a project for my collection that’s being released this summer. It’s a really fun concept that consists of building a handful of spots that I've always thought would be cool if they were made skatable. It’s been a great process so far and I’m really excited to see the finished product. It’s been hands down the funnest “work” I’ve put in yet. My friend Jeff has some off time from his Union job so he’s been helping me out and I’ve been learning a lot from him as well. At the same time, I’ve been going out and filming for a Dickies full-length video. I plan to stay ahead of the curve and not really rely on trips to get footage because there are so many spots in Los Angeles. I want a quality over quantity timeline for my part in this video. I’ve always skated for myself and my friends and a couple of years ago I found myself getting away from that and engaging with the whole industry side of things, but recently I’ve gained this newfound love for it from all angles. So what’s next for me is taking that newfound love that I’ve found and putting it into my skateboarding and also along with life. 


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