Friends & Family 2019

Sales Dates: Friends & Family offer on begins on 07/10/2019 and ends on 13/10/2019.

Redeem online using the promo code DICKIESFRIEND19
  • Discount automatically applied at checkout using the promo code.
  • Offer may not be combined with other special offers, discounts or promotions (including promotional codes).
  • Offer is available for a limited time only and subject to change without notice.
  • Offer can only be redeemed online for the % indicated.
  • In case of returns, Dickieslife reserves the right to apply the discount % related to the effective purchase value (original purchase minus returned items), and refund accordingly.

Friends & Family discount of 30% is NOT applied on following styles:

Style number Product
60075X Dickies Horseshoe Tee
0WE872 Dickies Slim Fit Work Pant
520142 Dickies Sacramento Shirt
0WP873 Dickies Slim Straight Work Pant
621091 Dickies T-Shirt (3Pk)
841153 Dickies Alaska Beanie Hat
000874 Dickies Original 874 Work Pant
841190 Dickies Orcutt Belt
849005 Dickies Madison Heights Socks
621204 Dickies V-Neck Multi-Colour T-Shirt (3Pk)
621205 Dickies V-Neck T-Shirt (3Pk)
0WP803 Dickies Slim Skinny Work Pant
060007 Dickies Womens Horseshoe Tee
621115 Dickies Proof (3pk Tank Tops)
621114 Dickies Multi-Colour T-Shirt (3Pk)
001574 Dickies Short Sleeve Work Shirt
621116 Dickies Proof Multi-Colour (3pk Tank Tops)
320092 Dickies Kingsley Zip Hoody
85283X Dickies Double Knee Work Pant
0WP894 Dickies Industrial Work Pant
841196 Dickies Atlantic City Socks (3pk)
841189 Dickies Eagle Lake Leather Belt
W57806 Dickies Womens Stockdale T-Shirt
621292 Dickies Vest Multi-Colour (3Pk Vests)
841164 Dickies Tucson Cap
121163 Dickies Hartsdale Jogging Pant
W14205 Dickies Womens Sacramento Shirt
0WS576 Dickies Slim Fit Work Shirt
849009 Dickies Valley Grove Socks
621254 Dickies Seibert Long Sleeve T-Shirt (2Pk)
00TJ15 Dickies Lined Eisenhower Jacket
0DB100 Dickies Bib Overall
720338 Dickies Buskirk Canvas Coach Jacket
841346 Dickies Wilburn Wallet
0CT873 Dickies Cotton 873 Work Pant
841228 Dickies Apron
844059 Dickies Colfax Beanie Hat
720322 Dickies Fort Lee Jacket
330187 Dickies San Antonio Hoody
844083 Dickies Bronston Beanie Hat
W18703 Dickies Womens San Antonio Hoody
220240 Dickies New Jersey Sweatshirt
841162 Dickies Memphis Leather Gloves
0WL450 Dickies Long Sleeve Pocket Tee
849012 Dickies Calvert City Socks
720342 Dickies Olaton Jacket
720342 Dickies Olaton Jacket
0WS450 Dickies Short Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt
849010 Dickies Newcomb Socks
100005 Dickies Womens New Liberty Bib Dress
W24102 Dickies Womens Pittsburgh Sweatshirt
720347 Dickies Manitou Jacket
131034 Dickies Womens Marydell Bib Overall
848008 Dickies Calhoun Wallet
844031 Dickies Muldoon Cap
131029 Dickies Alexandria Velvet Work Pant
220241 Dickies Pittsburgh Sweatshirt
720355 Dickies Garrison Jacket
720352 Dickies Owingsville Jacket
230024 Dickies Womens Benham Sweatshirt Dress
843036 Dickies Harrodsburg Bum Bag
530028 Dickies Womens Cropped Work Shirt
121174 Dickies Slim Fit Lewisburg Velvet Work Pant
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